D. A. ( Sidney, Australia )

Only the best reviews for these guys…!! I’m glad I was referred by a friend of mine who has been treated in their Dental Art Clinic on his trip to Macedonia. He was very satisfied with their work, quality and professionalism with a smile. I’ve called the clinic and discussed my treatment prior my trip, as my time and length of stay was of vital importance for me. I’ve emailed my x-rays and I have consulted them for an advice. From the time I landed down in Skopje and my first visit I’ve experienced the same professionalism and care. They are well prepared, they are using the latest modern equipment and high quality materials, They are highly skilled and work excellent as a team, I was very happy to see that they (dentists) had joint consultation and discussed all the best options between themselves before my treatment commenced. I had minor and also a major dental procedures during my stay there. My major dental was quite complex procedure which included surgery. I was happy to see that I’ll have a dentist who specializes in that particular filed for each procedure. And I did. I had to travel there on recommendation for my major dental surgery from Sydney, Australia. And during my stay in Macedonia for any other treatments there I have no regrets that I had to travel every time 130 km each way. (Or for any international clients to be, you can stay in Skopje, there is plenty to see and do there, Make it a “DENTAL HOLIDAY” 🙂 ). I was really happy to have all my dental procedures at the time done there at their clinic in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Everything was done in a timely manner. I’m really happy with everything they did and I’m glad to recommend them to anyone who needs professional and high quality work done.