D Aligners – Transform your smile with invisible aligners

What is DAligners?

It is a technique of orthodontic treatment using highly aesthetic, comfortable to wear, transparent and efficient foils, without the use of fixed prostheses.

The set of foils is used to straighten teeth and allows you to get a solution to your problem with only two visits to the dentist. In the first visit, a series of photos, an X-ray and an intraoral scan are taken, while in the second you already receive the entire set, which is intended individually for you. It consists of a set of foils that are changed every 12-14 days. By continuously wearing the foils for about 20 hours a day, pressure is exerted on the teeth, which leads to the displacement of the teeth and thus bringing one step closer to the desired result. The number of foils depends on the severity of the problem you have and the number of teeth we want to treat.

The desire to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile as well as the correct placement of the teeth is on the rise and a trend, especially among the older population who do not want to use fixed orthodontic appliances to achieve this. DAligners are the right choice for effective treatment in these patients.


What is the difference between treatment with fixed braces and treatment with D Aligners?

Fixed braces, regardless of what material they are made of, aesthetic or metal, stick to the teeth and remain glued during the entire treatment, making it difficult to maintain oral hygiene and often cause problems with the appearance of wounds and pain in the mouth and require regular visits at the orthodontist on a monthly basis.

The treatment with DAligners system of transparent foils is much more pleasant, easier to wear and lasts much shorter. Each of the series of pre-designed foils can be removed from the mouth, allowing you to eat and maintain perfect oral hygiene.


What are the advantages of treatment with DAligners?

completely transparent and comfortable

duration of treatment with DAligners significantly shorter than treatment with fixed prostheses

The number of visits to the dental office are shorter and much less frequent

The movement of the teeth is pre-designed digitally and the patient is already aware of the expected results.

The price of the treatment is significantly more affordable compared to the past years

Guaranteed efficiency due to digitally predicted results


How does the whole process of treatment with DAligners at Dental Art take place?

During the first visit, in order to obtain enough data for a precise analysis, photographs, an X-ray image of the teeth and an intraoral scan of the teeth are taken, which replaces the old classic way of taking impressions and allows significantly greater comfort for the patient and maximum accuracy of the current condition. Thanks to the complete digitization of the above-mentioned data, they are processed with software by an orthodontist and all the movements of the teeth are predicted until the desired result is achieved.

Already at the second visit, the patient is presented with  the final result of the digital design of the teeth movement and smile and is informed how long the treatment will last and how many subsequent foils the patient will wear. The third visit is also the most exciting, when buttons are made of a completely transparent filling on individual teeth and foils are placed, and the patient receives instructions for further visits.


For more detailed information regarding dental aligners treatment, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.