Hyaluronic fillers – everything you need to know

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid –  glycosaminoglycan is natural acid in the human body with the highest concentration in wrists, eyes and skin. Hyaluronic acid combines with water in organism thus making the skin young, hydrated and tighter. As we get old our organism doesn’t produce enough hyaluron and that’s why our muscles, bones and skin are losing volume and they get thinner. The loss of volume contributes in creating lines and wrinkles that are most visible on the face, neck and hands, loosening the skin and makes the lips thinner.

Hyaluronic fillers

Nowadays when it comes to stopping the aging processes and restoration of facial aesthetics there is an enormous spectre of skin care products for care that contain hyaluronic acid and are applied as creams, serums or injections. While creams and serums are applied topically with massage and their main function is to superficially hydrate the skin, only hyaluronic fillers that are injected directly on the spots you want to be treated can reimburse the lost volume and structure of the face and lips.

Just one injection makes the skin smoother and tighter up to 6 months

One of the reasons why hyaluronic fillers are so popular is their ability to give volume and reduce already created wrinkles with just one visit to the doctor. The results are immediately noticeable right after the first visit and they can last up to six months, depending on the treated area. The latest researches show that the composition of new hyaluronic fillers can even stimulate natural production of collagen in organism, leading to tighter skin on the long run.

Quality fillers are ‘invisible’

A filler that is professionally applied looks natural. The changes that you are making have the sole purpose to enhance Your natural beauty, thus styling the years – instead of noticing that you have applied filler – to point out the green color of Your eyes or the smile behind you have pearl white teeth.

It is important who is applying your hyaluronic fillers

Injecting hyaluronic fillers are so popular that you can find a lot of people that are applying them: dermatologists, dentists, cosmeticians etc.
The thing that matters is that each person that applies fillers has a different technique, uses different fillers and has different amount of experience on that level. Communicate with Your person for real results and for Your expectations, after all it’s about Your face. Don’t hesitate to ask for training and certification of the person who is going to apply you fillers. Even though they are available everywhere, fillers should be applied only by licensed and trained person for any kind of treatment that includes injecting. Same as any other medical therapy, there are risks of infections, discoloration and lumping of the skin if the fillers aren’t injected properly.


Not everyone is a candidate for filler injection

Even though hyaluronic fillers are biocompatible and safe to use, there are certain situations when application of fillers isn’t recommended. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you have any kind of infection on your face area postpone your treatment. If you’re receiving some medication therapy, especially blood thinners inform the doctor immediately.

The treatment isn’t permanent – you will need to repeat it

Fillers are biocompatible – although they are safe to use, as time passes by they are absorbed in the body and their action declines on the other hand. If you like your look with fillers probably you would have to do a re-treatment every 6 months to one year, depending on the treated area. These are good news – if You want to apply fillers only once or twice without any long term risks.