Defeat your fears with painless dentistry

Which part of going to dentist do you consider to be most  scary? Maybe the sound of the machine? Or maybe even the though of a needle causes you stress?

A large number of researches and surveys have shown that most of the patients visiting the dental office are afraid of these following three things:

  • fear of losing control – because they are unable to see what is happening or participate in the procedure
  • shame – beacause the dentist works so close to patients face, the patient fells like the dentist encroach their personal space. Further more, some of the patients are ashamed of the apperiance and the condition of their teeth which usually is a result of the fear of a dentist
  • fear of pain – maybe the most common problem of our patients.

Dental Art team understands that for some patients even a simple dental check up may be the cause of fear, stress and anxiety. The question that you have been asked for countless times is whether dental procedures can be completely painless? The answer is: YES!

In order to get rid of the accumulated fear, above all, your communication with the dentist is crucial. Talk about what is causing you fear, which part of the procedure scares you. Ask the dentist to fully describe the procedure, because this can contribute to reducing fear, allowing you to prepare for each next step.

Your dentist will recommend you to take certain medicines before coming to the dental office and reducing anxiety if he thinks it is necessary.

If your biggest fear is pain, modern dentistry offers a variety of techniques to completely eliminate it with anesthesia. First step is appling a local anesthetic in the form of a spray or gel at the jab area. After this you will not feel the pin of a needle which has minimal size. After the application of anesthesia any dental procedure will be painless.

Also, our office provide a large number of painless treatment performed with a laser, without bleeding and suturing.

Make an appointment and allow us to make you dental office visit an enjoyable experience!