Straight teeth – healthy teeth!

We are all aware that beautiful and perfect smile comes with straight teeth. But did you know that properly aligned teeth enable us proper function and also influence the well-being of the entire organism?

A large number of the entire population has missaligned teeth or malloclusions. If left untreated this state may cause periodontal diseases or overstress the teeth and jaws that leads to premature aging of the chewing and biting system. In time, the effects of misaligned teeth are worsening and can irreversibly effect our overall health.

The most common orthodontic problems (malloclusions) are:

  • crowding
  • excessive spacing
  • deep bite
  • open bite
  • Cross bite
  • tête-à-tête bite
  • large overjet

Missaligned teeth effect the bite, creating unnatural pressure of individual teeth thus causing premature damaging of the teeth and supportive tissue. Teeth that are susceptible to this pressure often have fractions or are missing enamel parts.

In time, improperly disturbed forces may cause problem with the temporomandibular joint, which leads to headaches, migraine and earaches.

The premature amortization (wearing off) of the teeth can cause the gums to recede, the bone around the root of the teeth to reduce, luxation of the teeth and eventually lead to teeth loss. Properly aligned teeth last longer, require less dental appointments in the long term thus having more financial savings.

But why do misaligned teeth have so harmful effects?

The answer is – the difficulty in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Having misaligned teeth may accumulate dental plaque and multiplying of bacteria mostly because it’s hard to reach certain teeth spaces with a regular tooth brush. Bacteria that is not totally removed from the teeth will multiply and cause periodontal disease that starts with inflammation of the gums, soreness and bleeding while brushing the teeth or flossing. If the inflammation is not treated on time it will become a chronic reaction with damaging of the soft tissue, gum receding, periodontal pockets, bone loss and probably teeth loss.

These conditions lead to painful restorations, countless hours and appointments with the dentist, resulting in great financial expenditures.

The oral problems are best treated in their early stadiums. Missaligned teeth that are left untreated hold up bacteria that may damage the gum cells and attack the blood vessels. This might damage the cells that are lining around your coronary arteries, increasing the risk from heart diseases, heart failure etc.

The correct positioning of your teeth for proper alignment and function will prevent problems in the future and make a great difference in your oral health and preservation of your teeth for life.

Consult one of our specialists orthodontists and get the perfect solution for your problem. Start the journey for your health improvement today.