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Dental Art is a modern purpose built dental practice established in 2006 – offering you the expertise of 4 dr. specialists and 2 dental assistants with more than 10 years of experience. We offer professional dental treatments at the best price!

Dental care nowadays is becoming more and more expensive, given the latest technology it uses to provide perfect and long lasting results. Finding a dental clinic that will ensure the best quality service and be affordable at the same time is `mission impossible’.

Our mission statement:Creating perfect long lasting smiles!

In order to achieve our mission we:

- are dedicated to provide complete availability and consistency to our patients by full time employment of the personnel;

- promote a comfortable, relaxing and warm clinical environment for adults and children alike;

- use the latest high quality technology and materials to secure the best treatment for the patient in no time;

- care for the well being of our patients, thus securing the highest level of hygiene in our clinic and painless laser treatments.

Our success storiesare the result of combining the high quality treatments and the best prices, with savings up to 80% more than in other European countries.

We look forward to welcoming you into our dental family!

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Who we are

Our mission statement: Creating perfect long lasting smiles!

Only Highly Qualified Dentists

Our team has expert professionals who are immensely experienced for several years.

Highly Qualified Dentists

Team of Professionals

Dr. Sonja Risteska Stojanoska

Spec. in orthodontics

Dr. Dora Aleksoska Stanojkovska

Spec. in orthodontics

Dr. Nenad Cvetanovski

Spec. in oral surgery

Dr. Jana Milutinovikj

General dentistry
10 Reasons Why Choose Us
  1. 10 years of experience;
  2. Professional and high quality services;
  3. Painless laser treatments;
  4. Leading - edge technologies;
  5. Hygiene at its highest level;
  6. Certified dr. specialists;
  7. Perfect long lasting smiles;
  8. Best prices;
  9. Guarantee for dental implants and crowns;
  10. Completely organized trip to Skopje, accommodation and activities during the stay.
More about practice
Our Clients Rated Our Services
Cavity Protection 98%
Gum Disease 99%
Cosmetic Dentistry 100%
Orthodontics 98%

Our Clients Say


It seemed like a mission impossible at the begining… but with your expertise and knowledge you achieved the goal! Dental Art if you did not exist I would have had to invent you. The best and irreplaceable for the most beautiful smiles in the world. I love you and I`m grateful from the bottom of my heart. You are wizards!

A. F. ( Skopje )

Excellent service ! A recommander !

J. P. ( Chaville, France )

Very good!

S. B.

Very professional and super cool!

G. D.

I crunch walnuts with my teeth! I`m kidding, you deserved all the stars!

I. G. ( Thun, Switzerland )

Well done, you`re simply the best! I would give you 100 stars if I could!

Z. J. ( Prilep )


M. P. ( Skopje )

The best in every way! Service and expertise brought to perfection!

A. F. ( Skopje )

The unprofessional care that I received for my teeth since I was a child at the local dental care office in my neighborhood caused me many troubles in the years that came. Dental Art was everything I ever wanted and expected from my dentist.

E. A. ( Skopje )

28 years

Only the best reviews for these guys…!! I’m glad I was referred by a friend of mine who has been treated in their Dental Art Clinic on his trip to Macedonia. I had to travel there on recommendation for my major dental surgery from Sydney, Australia. I’m really happy with everything they did and I’m glad to recommend them to anyone who needs professional and high quality work done.

D. A. ( Sidney, Australia )

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Contact Info
Adolf Ciborovski br. 20/2aSkopje
+389 2 3239 360+389 78 254 030
Mn - Fri: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Payment Methods

Cash payment in denars
Debit / Credit card payment
Up to 12 month paymentwith Diners Card
Cashback with NLB Happy Card

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